Honest review from Earl of Coffee

Nashoba Coffee the Indigenous American Coffee Brand

When it comes to high quality coffee, the Americas are known for producing many popular varieties. From the bold and sweet flavors of Kona coffee from Hawaii to the beloved Colombian coffee that’s on the top of many people’s list of best coffees, the Americas has a coffee blend for every preference out there.  

This is why Nashoba coffee is proud to showcase a wide range of different blends from across the American continent. All of their beans are ethically sourced and are guaranteed to have transparency throughout the whole market chain. 

Product Highlights 


Do you have a beloved coffee blend? Or are you looking for fresh and fun new coffee flavors to brighten up your morning cup of Joe?  Well, Nashoba coffee has both classic coffee flavors and special unique blends that are sure to make any coffee lover’s heart race with anticipation!  

You can group Nashoba coffee’s line into

  • American origin – Nashoba coffee offers coffee blends from various countries in the Americas. They have Kona coffee for North America, Hondura coffee from Central America, and Peru from South America. Each blend has their unique taste, body, acidity level, and flavor profile. 
  • African origin – African origin coffees are known to have bold, full, and bright flavors. Their Tanzania blend, for example, has notes of pear and strawberry, while their Ethiopia blend has chocolate and caramel notes. 
  • Flavored coffees – Sometimes, you just want a coffee that’s fun, sweet, and reminiscent of your favorite flavored frappe at a chain coffee shop. Nashoba coffee offers a wide range of different flavored coffees such as hazelnut, cinnamon, and caramel. They even offer crowd favorites such as cinnabun and, yes, pumpkin spice!
  • Special blends – If you’re looking for a more balanced blend of flavors, Nashoba coffee offers several choices. You can choose from their Cowboy blend, Breakfast blend, or their African blend. 


The Good 


One of the best things about Nashoba coffee is that they offer sampler packs so that you won’t need to commit to a certain flavor that you haven’t tried before. They have a “best sellers” sample pack composed of their 6bean, Peru, Cowboy, Bali, Mexico, and Breakfast blends. They also have sample packs for single origin and flavored coffees.

If you use pod coffee makers, Nashoba coffee has you covered as well! They offer a 12-pack and a 60-pack of their various coffee blends.  


The Bad 


Nashoba has limited coffee varieties compared to other roasters. They also don’t sell bean grinders from their shop, so if you don’t have a grinder, you need to order your beans pre-ground.

However, this will decrease the shelf life of your coffee, if you have a grinder you can order your beans whole from Nashoba Coffee.



Pros and Cons 



  • Ethically sourced beans
  • Unique flavors
  • Beans come whole, ground, or in pods
  • Has a decaf option
  • Affordable price



  • Limited blend selection
  • No refund policy (Due to Covid no returns on food items)



Nashoba coffee is dedicated to bringing their customers the highest quality  American and African coffee blends available. The company carefully selects each of their coffee blends to ensure that they pick the best available beans to deliver to their customers. They offer both well-loved classics such as Colombian and Ethiopian coffee, as well as their own unique blends. This makes sure that you’ll find a blend to love at Nashoba coffee! 

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